One of the central concerns of the institute is the in-depth study and practical development of historical sources of singing pedagogy. The institute focuses on the maintenance and training of "authentic bel canto singing technique" ( In the institute's work, dedicated reference is made to the relevant for the aesthetics of historical bel canto singing Traité Manuel Garcias Jr. and the textbook by his student Julius Stockhausenii that is central to German-language singing following the bel canto tradition. The contents of this Important writings are examined for their relevance for current singing-pedagogical practice and made fruitful for this (cf. draft, passim). In projects of various kinds, under the direction of Mr. Vodnitskiy, ways are offered to develop and implement the practical knowledge theoretically laid down in these writings. In addition to the direct practical work in the field of vocal pedagogy, the institute also achieves this objective through the publication "note texts commented on vocal technique" ( in the historical tradition of 'instructional' sheet music.

Prof. Dr. Killian Sprau
University of  Arts Berlin
Institute for Musicology, Music Theory, Composition and
Music Transmission