Press Release Garcia Stockhausen Project

PRESS RELEASE of the Institute of Singing Research "Bel Canto and Music Drama"
There are many schools of singing. The Singing School of Manuel Garcia Jr., published 1847 in French under the title “Traité complete l' art du chant " is different from other schools of singing because of its complete accordance with the natural, healthy physiology of a human person. Thus it is unique and occupies a special place among other schools of singing. The treaties of Julius Stockhausen and Mathilde Marchesi - the most important students of Garcia Jr. - follows and develops the great tradition.
In the last half century, this tradition of singing, unfortunately, turned out to be almost completely forgotten: its last most significant representative was the Italian opera singer, tenor Luciano Pavarotti.
The Berlin Institute of Singing Research "Bel Canto and Music Drama" after more than twenty years of theoretical and practical research period, has restored and modernized the school of Manuel García Jr., with the aim of the teaching it today. To achieve this goal, the Institute is planning to start in 2024 a long-term “Garcia-Stockhausen-Project”, during which children of primary school age and adolescence will be taught in the tradition of the school of Garcia. It is also planned to hold the workshops and the seminars for teachers of singing and other musical disciplines.
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